just left our competetor movie theater

paid $13.50 for my ticket, and another $10 at the concession stand…. I feel dirty. I guess I shouldn’t be so loyal to my (former) employer….. That theater is probably going to put ours out of business but I wont be working there then but idk I guess I shouldn’t care. But it was so nice, like so incredibly nice, and the seats were sorta leather/vinyl, and the concession stand had funnel cakes, and it was just an adventure, and I’ll probably never go back. I feel bad, like I don’t want to tell my managers because I feel guilty. I’m so dumb >.> le sigh I love AMC <3

in other news the lorax was absolutely amazing. so cute.

"unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing’s going to get better. it’s not." this was the first thing i ever posted on tumblr. how cute :3

studying, eating chicken wings, and still mourning my job.

i can’t believe that i have a math test already even though it’s the first week of classes! so far i like all of my professors / ta’s and it seems like it’s going to be an easy semester to me! getting sick of fresh foods already and that’s just sad since i’m stuck eating it for the next ten months almost. i just realized i should be getting my last pay check tomorrow :( so sad. it’s not normal for someone to miss a job this much. thankfully everyone is keeping in touch with me… (EXCEPT SOMEONE) but oh well, next summer is going to be the best <3 i miss my amc family so much. it’s funny i hardly have time for tumblr, and that this time tomorrow i will be in atlanta!! <3 so excited. time to go back to my pizza, coke, and wings ! man i love college.

dear amc,

it’s been a great year three months and nine days. i can’t believe in a few hours i’m going to go in and work my last shift at the best job ever. i know i’ll be back for season next summer but i know it’s just not the same. not going to lie it’s going to be nice to have my friday and saturday nights back but i know come every sunday night, i’ll miss funday sunday with my boys. i’m going to miss the impromptu pizza parties, and the random after work trips to steak and shake, and who could forget the free movie tickets. i’m not sure i’m going to be able to see another movie with out thinking of my first job, and i can only hope that if and when i get a new job up in tallahassee it’s even half as fun as working at amc tri-city has been. i guess right now for one final time i’d like to say i love my yob.

sincerly, jordan

ps: i’m absolutely heartbroken about leaving, even though i know it’s best that i do. </3 :(